Franklin India Prima Plus Fund

 Fund Snap Shot & Benefits

FrMutual Fund Advisory servicesanklin India Prima plus Fund is an open end growth scheme with an objective to provide growth of capital plus regular dividend through adiversified portfolio of equities, fixed income securities and money market instruments.

  Investment Option

It is an Open-Ended scheme the minimum investment is Rs. 5,000 {Multiples of Rs. 1/- thereafter}

Systematic Investment Plan {S.I.P} Rs. 1,000/- {Multiples of Rs. 1/- thereafter}


Load Structure

Entry load – Nil

Exit load: 1% If Exit before 12 months.

This Fund Offers Investment in Growth, Dividend, Dividend Re-Investment Options. Systematically we can withdraw while this type of feasibility option the minimum investment is Rs. 25,000. We can withdrawal Rs. 1,000 per month as per fund rules and regulations.

Funding Structure

The Fund invests in 94.97% in Equity related investments. Cash/Call sector allocation they invest 4.98%. Debt market allocations it invest 0.04% as below we can seen they investment as per companies wise

1 Bharti Airtel 5.10%
2 Infosys 7.75%
3 Rpl 5.35%
4 Dr. Reddy Labs 4.89%
5 Icici Bank 4.63%
6 Hdfc Bank 4.44%
7 Grasim Industries 3.62%
8 Torrent Pharma 2.63%
9 Tcs 2.50%
10 Indus Ind Bank 2.47%

We can see Debt Schemes wise Investment and also ALLOCATION OF FUNDS IN SECTOIAL WISE {as on 31 August’2013}.

1 Banking/Finance 17.97%
2 Pharmaceuticals 13.89%
3 Information Technology 10.86%
4 Telecommunications 7.76%
5 Oil & Gas 7.16%
6 Cement & Constructions 6.00%
7 Automotive 3.46%
8 Auto Ancillaries  5.22%
9 Others/Unlisted 21.50%

Fund Returns

This fund is returns in a past year not satisfactory but those who invest more than 5 years given good returns. As per Franklin India Prima Plus Fund Growth Option we can seen the Returns as below

  • From Fund Stating Date to till today the fund given returns: 18.17%
  • Past 5 Years the fund given returns: 10.02%
  • Past 3 Years the fund given returns: 0.99%
  • Past 1 Year the fund given returns: 5.73%
  • As per 52 weeks NAV on 15 January’2013 the fund recorded Highest NAV recorded for this fund is 259.26
  • The Lowest NAV recorded for this fund is 218.03 as on 28 Aug’2013.

Investing thorough Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of Rs. 2000 from September 2003 till we invest today Rs.2, 42,000. This Mutual Fund Information as per 13 Sep ‘2013 you get 2,126 Units the investment amount as per market value {NAV} Rs. 5,04,656.70 Ps.

Fund Details

Date of Announce: 29 September’1994

Fund Manager:  Mr. Anand Radha Krishnan & Mr. R. Janakiraman

Nav: Growth Option: 237.27; Dividend Option: 22.83 {As Per 13 Sep’2013}

Fund Type: Equity; Large and Mid Cap

Guidelines: Cnx 500

Amount in Funding: Rs. 1759.12 Crores {As on 30 June’2013}

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